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Pre-rolled smoking papers and hemp rolling papers

H.R.N. has taken the art of rolling your own and made it into a science. Put an end to the mess and waste of traditional rolling papers with Cones® Rolling Papers. Our conical hemp rolling papers make a perfect smoke every time—with just a twist of the wrist.

Cones® rolling papers are more than just easy to fill. Our cone-shaped rice and hemp rolling papers are made of the thinnest available natural paper, but remain durable—if crushed, Cones® can be reshaped quickly and easily. The integrated filter developed specifically for Cones® Rolling Papers maximizes smoking pleasure and minimizes blend penetration. And, with a self-contained filling kit and tapper in each pack, even our packaging makes using Cones® a breeze to use and store.

Cones® Rolling Papers are just another way that H.R.N. offers you the finest in pre-rolled smoking papers, smoking equipment, and packaging solutions. And, because our rolling papers are so easily filled either by hand or with production equipment, both producers of pre-rolleds and individual hemp rolling paper connoisseurs love Cones.®

Enjoy nothing but the best! Cones®

3 easy methods to fill a Cones® pre-rolled paper

"CONES®, THE NO. 1 SELLING PRE-ROLLED PAPER CONE IN THE WORLD, SOLD IN OVER 30 COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD and used by millions of happy customers every minute of ever day...actually, I am smoking one right now!"

- Arthur Van Den Burg, President and Founder

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