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Cones UnBleached King Display

King Size 3 Pcs - Display Box Natural

Product Code: 050-0049
4.29", 1.18" filter

Quantity per Sales Unit: 3

Quantity per Display: 32
UPC Code Display: 8715144010571

Quantity Display per Master Case: 32
Dimensions of Master Case: 21.25" x 20.8" x 21.65"
Weight: 21 pounds
UPC Code Mastercase: 8715144010625

Total Quantity Per Sales Unit: 1024
UPC Code Sales Unit: 8715144010502

Product 050-0001, Cones Bleached King Blister Pack
Product 050-0001, Cones Bleached Small 1 1/4 Blister Pack
Cones Bleached King Display and Cardboard Pack
Cones Bleached Small Display and Cardboard Pack
Cones Unbleached King Blister Pack
Cones Unbleached Small Blister Pack
Cones Unbleached King Display and Cardboard pack
Cones Unbleached Small 1 1/4 Display and Cardboard pack